Why recruit Romanian students?


Great academic and social skills

More than 97% of RIUF exhibitors believe that Romanian students have a strong academic background and amazing social skills.


Foreign language proficiency

According to over 96% of the exhibitors, RIUF visitors have high and very high levels of foreign languages.


Strong motivation to study abroad

Over 83% of our visitors are interested in studying at an international institution.


Strong level of information about studying abroad

Close to 79% of the exhibitors consider that our visitors are well informed about studying outside their home country.

*Stats generated from analyzing 2016-17 events exhibitors’ feedback and visitors’ interests

Romania holds the 5th place in the top EU countries with the most students studying abroad, according to the UNESCO statistics.

Romanian students have a diverse range of programs that interest them. They come to the fair in order to focus their options. In most cases they tend to be in the top 10-15% of their class, being very driven to succeed and having a very good proficiency in English and French or German.

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Detailed information about what Romanian students want to study and where can be found in this report.