RIUF and IUF Greece visitors have


great academic and social skills

Our exhibitors believe that Romanian and Greek students have strong academic backgrounds and social skills.


good foreign language(s) proficiency

According to our exhibitors, RIUF and IUF Greece visitors have high levels of foreign languages.


strong motivation to study abroad

Our visitors are interested in studying at an international institution outside their home country.

Romania and Greece hold top 6 places among EU countries with the most students studying abroad. Both are mature, yet still growing markets, as more and more Romanians and Greeks start full time academic programs abroad.

Currently, over 70,000 Romanian and Greek students are enrolled in universities outside their home countries. Numbers tell that universities’ prospects for recruitment are far greater in Romania and Greece compared to neighbor countries such as Bulgaria (#10 EU) and Cyprus (#9 EU).


Detailed information about students’ preferred destinations and domains can be found in this report.