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This year we have decided for the first time to bring even more added value to our exhibitors, clients, partners and readers, thus we have begun sending the RIUF Insider – or the RIUF Newsletter. You should expect to receive an email from us once every three weeks with an update on a variety of topics. I will fully explain what we plan on doing in this article. If you have not yet received the newsletter or wish to subscribe, do it below:

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We know that summer time is a very busy time of the year for many of you. Even though you may not be travelling, there are still conversion events to attend, plans to be made and vacations to be taken. Our plan is to be as concise as possible and highlight only what is necessary and important. We will also slip in a fun fact, just for the smiles.

The main topics that we are interested in center on education, students and student life, recruitment strategies and engagement. We will cover the Baccalaureate exam results this summer and everything that is important in a Romanian student’s life. This will include some insights on attractive travel destinations, should you ever find yourself in Romania on holiday.

An important part of recruiting is significantly represented by the communication you conductwith your potential applicants. We will provide you with our professional opinion on how to operate your campaigns, starting with the post application involvement and up until conducting successful conversion events.


Since we specialize in organizing education fairs, we are prepared to offer some key tips on the visual side of an exhibition. We will explore how you can stand out among the attendees and grip and retain the visitors’ attention using only decorative materials and a friendly face. On the far side, we will also be compiling a list of bad habits and things that you should not do when attending exhibitions. We were surprised to learn some of them too!

Feedback shows that the RIUF fairs are some of the most well organized events in Europe, especially considering the relatively small size of our team in comparison to others. Therefore, we thought you might enjoy seeing some behind the scenes photos and finding out more about how everything gets put together and falls into place. We also have many more interesting fun facts and surprises on the way, so stay tuned to the RIUF insider for what is to follow!

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