Why It Is Important to Attend Exhibitions

Although it is widely believed that we live in the digital era, we at EDUCATIVA trust that physical presence is highly important when it comes to student recruitment and we have the facts to back it up!

Easier interaction with students

Any argument or misunderstanding can easily be resolved with a calm, face to face discussion. This same principle applies for students struggling to discover their new study destination. They will always face great difficulties in deciding which university offers the best education, where they would best fit it, how easy will it be to find a job and so on. All these needs can be better understood by direct communication. Solving their issue on site and reassuring them of their choice will highly increase the chances of conversion.

Make students interested, not only informed!

Unlike search engine advertising, study choice platforms and online advertising, fairs turn initial contacts into interested leads. While the former may present facts and benefits of choosing your university over another, fairs can emphasize key selling points and strengthen the bond between a student and the university.

Highly targeted

All the students attending a university fair wish to discover their study opportunities. Having attended an international education fair, they are already filtered and willing to choose a study destination outside of their home country. Attending a fair implies making an effort towards their education, highlighting genuine interest and motivation. The only thing left is for them to get hooked to your university.

Stand-out from your competition

University fairs offer students various types of universities. They may differ in size, courses and rankings, but having all of them put together offers exhibitors a chance to differentiate from the rest of the universities.

Numerous possibilities of self-expression within the booth

Having your own booth within an exhibition is a chance for you to be creative. Decorate it as you please, make sure it’s catchy, try to be as interactive as possible in order to engage with the public and bring freebies and university branded materials for students.

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