Following up for Your September Intake

Early summer is a particularly busy period for Romanian prospective students. Many have already made up their mind about starting a degree abroad while others are yet to decide what lies ahead. Here are some tips on correctly targeting your enrolled students, applicants and leads.

Enrolled Students

Enrolled students are mostly concerned with getting practical matters out of the way. Your future students particularly appreciate being helped with finding accommodation and having their book list, Welcoming Day times and first weeks’ schedule communicated.


Most Bachelor’s prospective students apply to multiple universities they are interested in to eventually pick just one. Nearly all universities we work with are in touch with students immediately following their application. It is at this point that direct contact with your applicant weighs in most. Some unique approaches to paying attention to applicants we help arrange are: sending Good Luck with Your Exams letters and uni merch accompanying Letters of Acceptance and organizing conversion events. Consider also offering help with finding accommodation and details about living costs and get future students excited about their Welcoming Day.


A good number of students have not already made up their mind about studying abroad. You will see that among your final year leads some have not applied. We suggest adjusting contact points to maximize responsiveness and fit all vital information before your application deadlines.

Final exams are just around the corner and high school students might not open their inbox every day and always pick up calls. Learn about their exams schedule and follow up accordingly: June 26-30 – Baccalaureate Exams, July 5 – First results and July 10 – Final results. With their grades in, students know what degrees they are eligible for. It is worth noting that those applying to Romanian universities do so after passing all exams. Ads popping up in their Facebook feed and other ways to maximize exposure might generate great returns.


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