Your investment in RIUF and IUF Greece is easily measurable. Through using our scanning system, you will collect the contact details of all students you interact with. This makes it simple to see if the prospective students you meet during the events convert into applicants and thus evaluate your ROI.

Over 99% of the international universities attending find EDUCATIVA events great value for money.

Standard participation fees include:

  • Fully equipped shell-scheme booth

    delimiting panels; name and logo signboard;
    electricity outlets; 1 table and 2 chairs

  • Scanning system

    1 smartphone and access to our scanning system
    which can be used simultaneously from multiple devices;
    high-speed WiFi access

  • Institution listing in the student registration platform

    All visitors register online/onsite before attending our events.
    Thus, they are presented with a list of the exhibiting universities.

  • Institution listing in the event brochure (15,000 copies)

    Each visitor receives a fair brochure containing study and
    countries information, and a list of all exhibitors, inclusive of
    short descriptions and websites.

  • Services for all institution representatives: badge; lunch; refreshments

    Representatives are served lunch and have unlimited refreshments
    throughout the day. Furthermore, they are very well looked after
    by our enthusiastic volunteers.

  • Invitation to exhibitors’ party

    Bucharest and Athens include afterhours networking events and parties to which all exhibitors and the organizing team are invited.

Other services we offer:

  • custom booths
  • private presentations
  • online marketing campaigns
  • outdoor promo
  • brochure advertising
  • booth assistants
  • printing services
  • materials shipment assistance

Please email events@educativa.ro to make sure you get the best quote for your participation.