The story of RIUF

RIUF – Romanian International University Fair opened its gates for the first time in 2005 in Bucharest as the first education fair in Romania. It was a success, gathering 7.000 students from all over the country in only one day, proving that the local student market was in a desperate need of information and opportunities.

Now, RIUF has grown to be the largest student recruitment fair in Eastern and Southern Europe and a benchmark in the industry according to the yearly feedback of the exhibitors which gets better and better. Yearly, representatives of over 150 institutions from 15 countries and more than 23.500 academically valuable students are connected at the fair.

The 5 cities where RIUF takes place cover all the Romanian student market. Over 95% of all medium and large urban areas are within a 200km range of at least one of our venues.

More details about the student market and fairs overview in our last issued report.